Saturday, October 17, 2009

AEK contemplating a Greek-only roster

The Greek league has not started yet and may not even start when it is supposed to. In AEK they are worried about the restriction from FIBA to sign any foreign players.

According to, in AEK they have already devised plan B in case they are not allowed to play with any non-Greek players in the Greek league. The plan B is to release all the players they have signed so far(Taurean Green, Donnie McGrath, Roderick Mels, Lamont Mack, Torin Francis and Riste Stefanov) and try to sign all the available Greek players. FIBA has not allowed AEK to register any foreign players due to debts of previous administrations to former players of the team.

The article says that Nestoras Kommatos(2.03-SF) has been approached. Kommatos was practicing with Panathinaikos in the off-season and he is considered to be in good shape, plus he has played for AEK before. There are other players in Greece that still don't have a contract and they might be the last solution for AEK. As there are still 9 teams in Greece without a TV contract the start of the games might be postponed until it's sorted which can buy some time for AEK.
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