Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fotis Katsikaris to replace Andrea Mazzon

According to, Fotis Katsikaris will be the replacement of Andrea Mazzon, as the head coach of the bench of Aris BC. It was announced by the official site of Aris that Andrea Mazzon will no longer be the head coach and that the contract was mutually broken.

Fotis Katsikaris and the president of Aris, Ioannis Damianidis, had very long conversation regarding the prospect of Katsikaris taking up the head coach position. The negotiations lasted a long time, close to 12 hrs and it seems that the decision is final. Damianidis has been in Athens since Sunday trying to convince the Greek coach, who is the best available coach for Aris at this moment of time.

Dimitris Priftis will possibly be Katsikaris' assistant coach and he also asked for a new playmaker to be signed and also to make every possible effort to bring Jeremiah Massey back to Aris.

Editor's note: Katsikaris was officially announced by Aris this morning (Tuesday 6th)
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