Monday, October 20, 2008

Vukoicic out, Drucker in?

BC Oostende announced that they are parting ways with serbian coach Vlada Vukoicic and perhaps his replacement will be Sharon Drucker who coached the team in 2006 before moving to Fortitudo Bologna. The funny thing is that at some point in time Fortitudo Bologna had managed to sign 3 different head coaches (Dragan Sakota, Andrea Mazzon and Sharon Drucker).

According to their announcement BC Oostende will continue with their assistant coach, Umberto Badioli at the helm of Oostende. President Arthur Goethals met with Vlada Vukoicic and they decided to end their agreement mutually. Sharon Drucker is the next target for the position of head coach and president Goethals is inclined to sign a multi-year deal.
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