Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Elmer Bennett decided to step down

Elmer Bennett one of the most experienced veterans of the ACB and the european courts decided to step down and retire from action as it was announced yesterday by the Cajasol official site. The 37-year old veteran said that he couldn't play in the level that he wanted anymore and he thanked coach Comas for trusting him blindly with the team last season. He also said that he wanted to retire last season but he decided to help Cajasol. An athlete never wants to step down were some of his words and it's always hard to make that decision.

He graduated from Notre Dame in 1992 and in the draft of 1992 he was selected at number 38 byt the Atlanta Hawks. Benett has played for Tau, Real, Badalona and the last 2 seasons he played for Cajasol.
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