Friday, October 17, 2008

Aris BSA are not worried about Clark's passport

There has been an issue on greek sports media lately that there was a problem about Keydren Clark's(1.78-PG) passport. The issue was that the bulgarian basketball federation wanted to revoke his passport because he didn't take part in their National Team's games for the Eurobasket when Ibrahim Jaaber couldn't compete anymore.

According to the administration of Aris is not worried about the matter as the bulgarian federation did not officially notify anyone that they wanted Clark to take part in the games. Coach Gershon initially had sent Clark home as he preferred to use Ibrahim Jaaber instead. Keydren Clark himself said he was unaware of anything like that happening. Clark has been playing as an EU player since last season where he played for Scavolini in the LegaA1.
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