Friday, October 17, 2008

Paok released Akins - more to follow?

Paok released Tony Akins after a month via their official web site. The player who will be taking his place will be K'Zell Wesson though. It might seem a bit strange to substitue a point guard with forward/center but Paok is suffering in more positions than one at the moment and the team seems to be in a bit of a panic.

The lack of a proper point-guard to run the plays of the team was evident in the game against Panionios and the administration might look in the european market for a substitute. The reason for that is because Wesson has not received his bulgarian passport, and noone knows if he will get it ever. Tomasevic and Diarra are the only EU players in Paok so there are 2 more spots to fill. The rumors regarding veteran Tyus Edney seem unlikely as he will occupy the spot of a foreign player. More to come in the days to follow. It has been suggested by greek sports media that if Paok loses again this weekend others might follow Akins..
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