Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 basic players to leave Partizan

OK, so much for the Very Important News from Serbia but in another article, Blic reports about the future of the Partizan basketball team, news that was of course less interesting these days.

First of all, the Serbian newspaper confirms three players' interest in leaving Partizan.
Besides the Europe-bound Tripkovic, Partizan are set to be deprived of the services of both Novica Velickovic and Milenko Tepic in the next season. The black-whites' point guard is expected to continue his career in Panathinaikos, and thus join his two compatriots and former teammates in the Athens club.

But the quote of the day came from Partizan head coach Dule Vujosevic, who commented on the rumors of leaving the club for a financially more interesting team.

More money was poured into the project - and I stress the word "project" - of the Belgrade Universiade than in the top sport in Serbia, which is a disgrace. Partizan is something far more for me than just a job and I can leave only if I receive a financially satisfactory offer. Also it would have to be a team who aims to win the Euroleague, which means I certainly won't be leaving for Benetton.

I'm guessing that management in Treviso doesn't really like to hear that?

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