Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fuenlabrada announced Batista

Fuenlabrada officially announced via their website the signing of uruguayan  center Esteban Batista(2.09-C) for the next 3 seasons. The transfer that was first announced by the press in Uruguay and now Fuenlabrada confirms it. Batista also gave an interview for the team's website where he said that he will do his best as a player of the team.

In the current season Batista, 25, has played in Argentina with Libertad de Sunchales (15 points and 9.6 rebounds). The big man applied for a spanish passport so it is very probable that he will play the first year as an import player and the last two years of contract as a bosman player. Latelly Batista wore the jersey of Maccabi Tel Aviv. For Fuenlabrada, that lost Oleson who will play for Real Madrid, this is the second arrival after the American guard with danish passport Alan Voskuil.

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