Saturday, May 23, 2009

Valencia's restructuring has begun

Valencia's president Manuel Llorente and head coach Neven Spahija hosted a press conference where they announced their decisions for the next season. As far as the current roster of Valencia goes 3 players are now free agent out of the 5 that their contracts expire this summer.

Kenny Gregory(1.97-SG/SF) that came from Paok, Vule Avdalovic(1.89-PG) and Albero Miralles(2.06-C) that have been with Valencia for the past 4 seasons will now seek a new team to play for. Albert Oliver(1.87-PG) and Victor Claver's(2.03-SF/PF) contracts will be renewed.

Llorente commented on their interest for Saul Blanco once again since they were turned down last summer. He said that Fuenlabrada has a contract with the player for one more season and there is no buy-out clause in the contract. So if Fuenlabrada asks for a reasonable price for the player then he would be happy to discuss it. Finally Spahija said that they are looking for 3 players at the moment. A center and 2 import players for the backcourt.
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