Friday, May 22, 2009

Childress will reconsider his options

Josh Childress(2.03-SF) spoke to the greek media after the end of yesterday's 1st play-off game against Panathinaikos and he seemed a bit sceptic about his future in Olympiakos. His team lost the 1st game in the finals of the play-offs losing the home court advantage but the game was marred by a few brainless fans(?) of Olympiakos who launched a variety of items, including fireworks against the bench of Panathinaikos.

Childress said that in the light of these events he has to reconsider his future in Greece. Basketball is purely entertainment in the NBA whereas in Greece the fans seem to go one step too far when it comes to the league's title. He said that violence doesn't help with anything and especially when his team is close to winning the game it makes all the difference. The game nearly ended by the fan's antics and now noone knows what Childress will decide. Today's events will cost us dearly he said and he could be very right..

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