Friday, May 22, 2009

Vovos to leave Maroussi BC?

According to, the current owner of Maroussi BC, Aris Vovos, is rumored to leave the club after the completion of this season. The team of Maroussi is currently playing against Aris Thessaloniki in the series that leads to 3rd place in the league and possibly the last ticket to next season's Euroleague.

This rumor does not really come as a shock in Greece because his construction company is currently involved with a massive project that isabout to be cancelled. His company had started building the new football stadium of Panathinaikos that would be complemented by a shopping center.The district court though, ruled against the stadium being built after numerous organised complaints from denizens of the area. With that project gone and the whole site predicted to be demolished, the Vovos family that the company is named after, will be reducing their expenses and one of them will be the team of Maroussi. Players agents have already been notified about the imminent departure and the salaries of the players will besettled after what seems to be a long period that might even stretch to 10 months.

If this goes official it will mean that many players of Maroussi will become free agents, unless there is a successor to Aris Vovos that will take up the team's administration and ownership.

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