Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Hawks are watching Childress

Rick Sund, the general manager of the Hawks gave an interview to where he is answering questions from journalists and fans alike. Regarding the case of Josh Childress(2.03-SF) that plays currently for Olympiakos he said the following:

MB: Do you talk to Childress?
RS: He’s playing right now in Greece … When their season is over, they’re going to inform us. Evidently he can opt out of his contract. If he opts out, we’d have to tender him a [one-year] qualifying offer. Otherwise he’d be an unrestricted free agent.

MB: So you’ve had no contact with him during the year?
RS: We’ve had scouts go over and watch him. [Assistant GM] Dave Pendergraph has texted him. And I’ve talked to his agents – they represent other players.

MB: And what was your read on Childress?
RS: They played it pretty close to the vest.

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