Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zalgiris to pay 450,000 euros to Popovic

According to the district court of Kaunas came to a verdict today that Zalgiris Kaunas is to pay 450,000 euros to croatian star Marko Popovic(1.85-PG) for the 2 seasons that he played for Zalgiris. The actual amount comes to 436,000 euros but given the interest that was accrued Zalgiris has to pay an extra 15,000 euros. 

Last March the court's verdict was again in favor of Popovic but the legal team of Zalgiris appealed against the decision invoking the player's "bad" performance during 2007-2008 that in their opinion violated the terms of his contract with Zalgiris. This decision of course didn't stand for very long. Zalgiris have 30 days to appeal against this decision.

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