Wednesday, July 1, 2009

FIBA blocked Fortitudo from registering new players

Fortitudo Bologna faced with trouble yesterday when FIBA announced it blocked the club from signing of new players. The reason is debt to Israeli coach Sharon Drucker , who signed contract with the team last summer, but later Fortitudo decided to keep Dragan Sakota as a head coach. Despite he never coached there, the club owes Sharon Drucker almost 300.000 euros. In order to resolve the situation, the club has to pay the mentioned amount as soon as possible as the registration date for the LegaDue is coming soon.

After it was clear that Fortitudo decided to keep Sakota, Sharon Drucker left to Belgian Oostende. He stayed there about a month, moving to Maccabi Tel-Aviv as assistant coach to Pini Gershon . His contract there has interesting clause which is that after few years, or leaving of Pini Gershon, he will become the HC of Israeli giant.

As a reminder, Fortitudo faced with relegation last season in Serie A registering just 10 wins in 30 games. FIBA announced that Fotritudo will be blocked until they pay the debt. FIBA also mentioned more penalties if Fortitudo doesn't do it soon. As a reminder, at the middle of the season the team decided to release Dragan Sakota. The Serbian coach arrived to Bologna in January same year. Alessandro Finelli later became third coach on pay-roll by the Italians last season.

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