Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rumors about Olympiakos and Panathinaikos

According to, Olympiakos have started negotiations with lithuanian shooting Rimantas Kaukenas(1.94-SG) of Siena and Panathinaikos are trying to secure another player of Siena, Terrell McIntyre(1.78-PG). This coming week it is rumored that a new regulation will be voted into the greek A1 league that will allow all greek teams to sign 3 EU players and 3 non european players.

The current number is 4 EU players and 2 non european players and the Federation of the greek teams are thinking that this regulation will make all greek teams more competitive, both in Greece and in Europe in general. If this change of regulations goes through, then Panathinaikos have one more spot to fill with an american player and it could be Terrell McIntyre. Olympiakos are also interested in McIntyre as it seems that JR Holden will not be signing with them after all.

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