Monday, September 22, 2008

Matjaz Smodis the first foreign captain of CSKA

Today during the team meeting Matjaz Smodis was elected CSKA captain. Co-captain will be Trajan Langdon. Let us recall that captain’s position stayed vacant after the transfer of Zakhar Pashutin to Spartak St.Petersburg.

Matjaz Smodis:

- It’s a great honor for me. As far as I know I am the first foreign captain for CSKA. So I am happy because everyone – players, coaches, club’s managers believe in me. I don’t think my new role will change me as a player or as a person. The captaincy shows that what I did here previous years I did right so I don’t think it is necessary to change something.

Andrei Vatutin, CSKA CEO:

- Smodis begins his fourth season in CSKA. He is a charismatic person, the real leader on and off the court. I am sure his human qualities will allow Matjaz to become the link between our veterans and a newcomers. It is also very important that he speaks fluent Russian.

Ettore Messina, CSKA head coach:

- Matjaz has a great personality and a big heart. He is also a player I like so I think he can show a good example for our new players.
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