Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Candidates to replace Alexander

According to 3 are the likeliest candidates (amongst 50!) for Paok to replace Demetrius Alexander who will be continuing his career with Barons LMT for another season if all goes well.

One of them is Charles Gaines, was was mentioned in one of our previous articles.

The other candidate is shooting guard Gerald Fitch(1.91-SG) of Cantu who also played for Galatasaray and Cibona Zagreb but never managed to make a name for himself in the NBA where he didn't actually get any significant playing time and spent a lot of time in the NBDL. He averaged last season 16.2 points and 3.3 rebounds in 19 games for Cantu.

Last of the 3 candidates mentioned in the article is dominican power forward Jack Michael Martinez (2.03-PF) who played for Teramo in 2006-2007. He also played for Paris and Bourg in France and Roseto and Scafati in Italy. Martinez is known for his immense rebounding abilities and raw strength. When he played for Teramo he averaged 9 points and 9.1 rebounds in 19 games.
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