Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Turkoglu wants to become a free agent

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Hedo Turkoglu(2.08-PF) wants to become a free agent. The article says that he likely will opt out of his contract after the season to become a free agent. His current contract with the Orlando Magic is one of 39 million dollars for a duration of 6 years.

He could play out his final season in 2009-10 at $7.3 million. But he seemingly has gained enough leverage and equity after earning the NBA's most improved player award last season. He turns 30 next March, meaning this is likely his last shot at a lucrative long-term contract.

Turkoglu averaged 19.5 points 5.7 rebounds and 5 assists in 82 games for the regular season with the Orlando Magic.
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