Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Russia to get 2 teams in Euroleague 2009/10?

According to Russia might get another team in the Euroleague in the season 2009-2010. At the moment Russia's only representative in the Euroleague is CSKA Moscow. Considering how well they are doing it might seem a bit odd to have only one team in the best european basketball league. In the last few years the only time Russia had 2 representatives in the Euroleague was when Dynamo Moscow conquered the Uleb Cup in 2006 and got the right to play in the Euroleague during season 2006-2007.

This might spark quite a debate as to why Russia didn't have more teams participating in the Euroleague especially when teams like Dynamo Moscow and Khimky featured rosters objectively superior to certain teams that took part in the Euroleague of last season for example. This summer has undoubtably shown the financial prowess of russian teams by showcasing transfers like Pargo, Delfino or Gargajosa and it still seems strange that some of the best paid players in Europe will not be taking part in the top league.
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