Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shock decision in Italy - 2 teams out of the league

According to italian media the word from the Italian Basketball Federation is that Napoli and Capo Di Orlando will possibly be exlcuded from next season's LegaA1. This comes as a surprise after the penalty that was given to Napoli for submitting false receipts in the IRA, a penalty of -15 points to begin with.

The final decision has not been made yet and it is certain that both teams will react to this prospect in the hours to come as the news begin spreading all around Italy and Europe.

According to there are 3 scenarios at the moment depending on how many and which teams are being relegated to LegaA2. Here they are:

In the case of readmission to the LegaA1 of one of two teams, Varese will play in LegaA1

In the case of readmission to the LegaA1 of both teams, Varese will remain in LegaA2

In case of no readmission to the LegaA1 of both teams the league will continue with 16 teams only.

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