Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boris Gorenc is due to retire

Slovenian legend Boris Gorenc(1.95-SG) has declared to the italian press that he will be retiring from basketball due to a serious of injuries that didn't allow him to play to his full potential.

Boris Gorenc leaves behind him an illustrious career having played for some of biggest european clubs. Below is a list of the teams that he has played in :

1992-1996 Union Olimpija
1996-1997 Strasburgo
1997-1999 Basket Rimini
1999- Virtus Bologna
-2000 Pall. Reggiana
2000-2002 Mens Sana Siena
2002-2003 Pall. Varese
2003-2004 Olympiakos
2004- Udine
-2005 Olympiakos
2005-2007 Khimky
2007-2008 Union Olimpija
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