Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jumaine Jones shows the way.. for Jaaber

Jumaine Jones was suspended earlier in September for signing 2 contracts with 2 different teams, Ural Great and Armani Jeans. For this reason FIBA suspended the player for one year from playing anywhere in Europe. His suspension will end on August 25th 2009 and until Jumaine Jones will only be allowed to play in a non-european team.

According to this has created a new status quo for cases of players that have signed with 2 different teams. This might as well apply in the case of Ibrahim Jaaber and his persistence to play for Lottomatica Roma instead of returning to Panionios.

Jaaber was performing impressively on the court in Greece as a player of Egaleo and that attracted the interest of Lottomatica Roma who saw in him a versatile guard that can score, pass and steal with equal ease. Jaaber signed with Roma until the end of the season but also signed a contract with Panionios for next season before leaving to go to Italy.

The administration of Panionios requested a buy-out amount to release the player that Roma did not pay and so Panionios took the matter into the FIBA judicial system. Panionios won't budge and now Jaaber is between the rock and the hard place and there is a possibility that he will be suspended for an entire season from Europe. Panionios will not get any money and Roma will lose the player's services for a whole season... it remains to be seen what FIBA will decide.

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