Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rumors about CSKA and Kirilenko

Today morning published an article about Andrei Kirilenko(2.06-F) and a potential interest of CSKA for the player known as "AK-47". This comes to pair with the rumors that circulated regarding Ben Gordon and CSKA a few weeks ago. The article says that CSKA wants to offer Kirilenko a contract to rival that of other NBA stars and what seems to be the appeal in this case for CSKA is that Kirilenko, doesn't occupy the position of non-russian player, which allows CSKA to keep him in the roster at all times, the same reason they got Khryapa and Khaun,i.e. to get ahead of the competition. It also says that this might be the reason that Kirilenko has not renewed with the Utah Jazz yet.

Kirilenko is one of the best european players in the NBA at the moment and certainly the best russian player out there at the moment. Last season he averaged 11 points 3.4 rebounds 2.5 assists and 1.5 blocks in 72 games in the regular season for the Utah Jazz.
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