Monday, May 4, 2009

SK Cherkasy Monkeys released all foreigners

After headcoach Jovica Arsic departed recently, the team of SK Cherkasy Monkeys decided now to release furthermore all foreigners too. Namely, Vladislav Dragojlovic (2.06-C), Ivan Koljevic (1.86-PG), Ivan Kuburovic (2.01-SG/SF), Miljan Pupovic (2.09-C) and Chris Hill (1.78-PG) all had to leave.

SK Cherkasy Monkeys enjoyed a good regular season finishing 4th on the table, but could not manage to keep up the good form and finished on a dissapointing last spot in the playoff qualification round. They are now playing against Gryfony for final qualification (Position 9 and 10). The team decided to go into the reminder of the season with its domestic players.

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