Monday, May 10, 2010

Olimpia Milano interested in Chris Monroe

Olimpia Milano are looking for another guard for the play-offs and they might have found him in Greece..

Chris Monroe(1.88-PG/SG) has been the leader of Paok this season and according to, he might be considering to play for Olimpia Milano in Italy. The season has ended for Paok after they lost 0-2 to Maroussi in the 1st round of the Greek play-offs. Monroe did say in the past that he would like to stay with Paok for the next season too but chances are he will sign with Olimpia in Italy. 

The fact of the matter is that Paok are not in the greatest financial condition. They have been juggling repaying old debts and paying current salaries this season and it wasn't easy for them. Olimpia on the other hand are one of the wealthiest teams in Italy.

Monroe played in Italy before, for Napoli before leaving to play in France for Roanne where he was one of the top scorers of the ProA. This season he averaged 14.3 points 4.2 rebounds 2.5 assists in a total of 27 games in the A1 league. The administration of Paok want to keep Monroe for next season too, but it might not be up to them.

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