Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pargo to return to Hornets?

Jannero Pargo(1.88-PG/SG) is officially a free agent according to The general manager of the team, veteran player Nikos Boudouris told Pargo today his options. He could either stay and practice with the team or seek a new contract. Lynn Greer(1.85-PG/SG) will not be replaced and so Pargo will not play any more games with Olympiakos. 

On the other hand, one of his former teammates in New Orleans, David West, said in a blog that Pargo should return to New Orleans and help the team rebuild. Nothing else is known at the moment.

West said a free agent the team should pursue is former Hornets guard Jannero Pargo, who played in Russia this past season after New Orleans was unable to re-sign him last summer.

In 2007-08, when the Hornets won a franchise-record 56 games and advanced to the second round of the playoffs, Pargo was a key contributor off the bench. He played in 80 games and averaged 8.1 points and made 65 3-pointers. This season, James Posey was the Hornets' top reserve, averaging 8.9 points.

"The most obvious what J.P. brought wasn't necessarily his basketball skills," West said. "I thought he was a good locker-room guy who kept those bench guys motivated and ready to play. He had the right mindset, and he was missed this year."

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