Monday, June 29, 2009

Olympiakos to push for 3 foreign players

According to, Olympiakos will try to push for 3 foreign players spots in the greek A1 league. Currently in Greece there are only 2 foreign(non-EU) players allowed in each team and 4 other european players giving a total of 6 non-greek players in the greek teams.

The general consensus in Greece, is that the league is suffering as a combination of both the economic crisis and the massive gap between the 2 first positions in the league and the rest of the teams. Olympiakos are interested in signing more NBA caliber players and that would work in their favor, as until now they could only use 3 foreign players in the Euroleague that has no such distinction as the greek A1 league.

The decision is meant to be taken on July 6th and it has been rumored to happen for quite some time. This effectively would allow more players from the american market into the greek league giving greek teams the opportunity to create more competitive rosters.

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