Monday, June 15, 2009

Messina interested in Jasikevicius

According to the head coach position of Real Madrid is a done deal for Ettore Messina and it is implied that the italian coach is following closely all the developments regarding Sarunas Jasikevicius(1.93-PG) and Panathinaikos.

Although the latest information from Greece says that Jasikevicius and Panathinaikos will strike a deal soon there were rumors about a disagreement between the team and the player regarding his salary and the duration of the contract. Jasikevicius wants a closed contract for 2 seasons but the administration of Panathinaikos only offer him a one season contract with the option for another. It is rumored that the offer they made to Jasikevicius is for 1.8 million euros per season. Messina might want Jasikevicius to lead the new Real Madrid although the player has said that he would love to return to Barcelona at some point.

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