Saturday, June 6, 2009

Panellinios are eyeing more players

According to, the team of Panellinios have set their sights on quite a few players and now all that's left is to start the negotiations with their agents. Coach Ilias Zouros is currently in Treviso to watch the Reebok Eurocamp that attracts a lot of attention but he has already left a list of players he is interested in and the administration of the team will try to sign them.

They are currently in between of Haralambidis and Tsaldaris. Only one out of these 2 players will be signed. Both can cover the shooting guard position but Haralambidis is a true combo guard that can play as point-guard. Tsaldaris on the other hand is a better defender and younger than Haralambidis. Apart from Ian Vouyoukas(2.11-C), the article says that they are also interested in receiving Georgi Shermadini(2.16-C) on loan from Panathinaikos.

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The Hoop said...

there was already a link in the email pointing to a basketblog article about this.. you didn't predict that Schortsanitis would stay, did you? I can quote a few articles where you are positive that he is going to waived by Olympiakos. basketblog is a very informative site but you only seem to be praising yourselves when your "predictions" come true. when they don't you don't really say anything about it. so spare us please..