Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jackson Vroman to play for Lebanon NT

After double checking on the issue from both parties, Basketball Followers can assure now that Jackson Vroman had accepted to receive the Lebanese citizenship for an undisclosed fee and play for Lebanon National Team for the long summer's journey untill the big Asian event (FIBA Asia Championship in Tianjin, China) next August, The player signed the contract before few days and will arrive to Lebanon soon.

Vroman ("6'9" born June 6, 1981 in Laguna, California) is an American professional basketball player, formerly in the NBA and played last season with Saba Mehr of Iran then later on with Mahram, The American power forward was chosen as MVP of the last West Asian and Asian Clubs Championships as he starred in both tournaments in scoring, rebounds and assists.

Adding to Vroman, Four players abroad joined the trainings of the Lebanese National Team under the command of the Serbian head coach Dragan Racca and they're: Daniel Faris (6'9, University of New Mexico "US-NCAA"), Omar Krayem (6'1, California Baptist University "US-NAIA"), Ali Kanaan (6'9, Massachusets-Lowell University "US-NCAA2") and Sean Taibi (6'3, University of North Colorado "US-NCAA").

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