Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something's wrong with Maroussi

In a previous article there was mention of the status of all the players of the team of Maroussi. It was said that after the end of the game against Aris for the greek league play-offs that resulted in the victory of Maroussi and according to the greek league Euroleague qualification system they would gain the 3rd spot that leads into the Euroleague competition of the next season.

There has been another publication in Greece that has not received enough attention yet. What is being said here is that indeed, all the players of Maroussi are free agents. The reason for that is because they have been playing without a salary for the last 5 months. Furthermore they have been given a settlement deal that would spread the money owed to the them in a period of 10 months. The Vovos family, that has been supporting Maroussi for a very long time, represented by Aris Vovos are withdrawing now. In the current economic climate, owning a basketball club purely for the sake of a hobby seems to be an unnecessary luxury.

Maroussi are a club without a significant number of fans. Their tickets average for the entire season in Greece doesn't even reach 4 digits. That would actually be something remarkable given their circumstances. Furthermore, ΕΣΑΚΕ, the federation that governs the greek A1 league, must declare to ULEB, which team will participate in the Euroleague. At the moment, Maroussi are the rightful owner of that 3rd spot. The deadline is June 30th, just 8 days before the Euroleague draw.

Given the facts that owner of the team will not be there next season, although he claims differently in his frequent sports radio appearances the last few days, it would seem unwise to send a team to the Euroleague that might have no players, come next season.

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