Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ricky Rubio is suing Badalona

The rising star of spanish basketball, Ricky Rubio is suing the club of Badalona asking for the buy-out clause of his contract to be reduced according to The lawyer of Rubio visited the administration of the club back in April asking to reduce the buy-out clause of Rubio's contract. The amount is estimated to be 6 million euros and the case that the player is making is that his initial salary when he first signed the contract was 70,000 euros. The 2 amounts are significantly disproportional.

Currently Rubio is to make 125,000 euros in the next season but the extremely high buy-out clause might cause a problem to the player's wish to move to the NBA after the Draft selection on the 25th of this June. Now the player and the club are locked into a legal battle and the outcome could go either way.

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