Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rumors about Gordon are dismissed.

There has been plenty of talks about the rumors that surfaced on greek media regarding Ben Gordon and a possible transfer to Olympiakos. The player's agent spoke to ESPN and said that he definitely has not spoken to Olympiakos nor has he offered the player to the greek team.

Raymond Brothes, who is Gordon's agent, said that his main goal is to get his player to sign again with the Chicago Bulls, regardless of the fact Ben Gordon is a free agent this summer. This takes one big name out of the list of the potential candidates for Olympiakos for sure. What's worrying though is that there will probably be more names appearing as candidates and the summer and the transfer season have only just begun. Gordon might still visit Europe if he decides to join the Great Britain National Team in the Eurobasket 2009 in Poland.

On a sidenote, spoke to the administration of Olympiakos and what they said was the until July 1st, there is absolutely no talks with any players coming from the NBA due to the contract restrictions. They want to do things by the book so any names that come up from the NBA until that date are purely speculations and should not be taken seriously.

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