Monday, June 15, 2009

Devan Downey pulls out of Draft

Devan Downey's decision to return to South Carolina isn't a big surprise. He wasn't expected to be drafted and best-case scenario had the 5-foot-9 point guard going in the second round, which wouldn't guarantee him a contract or salary. Downey also flirted with playing professionally in Europe, which could be his best option this time next year. But with all that on the table, he decided to hold off on his dream of earning a paycheck playing the game he loves.

It's had to believe that the NBA was ever a reality. As good as Downey is, and trust me, he is one of the most talented point guards I've seen in years, his size is a real concern. I wouldn't have been that surprised to see him go pro overseas, considering the money he could have made. The guy's already been in school since 2005 and while he hasn't graduated yet - although he's close - it would've been easy to forgive him for taking the pay-for-play route.

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