Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ginobili predicts full recovery

The Spurs had begun preliminary talks about a contract extension last summer before Ginobili left for China. Those negotiations were shelved when Ginobili re-injured his left ankle at the Olympics, and they have yet to resume.

They want to see that I am healthy,” Ginobili said. Ginobili is hopeful he can reach a deal that would allow him to finish his career in San Antonio.

I have said a thousand times, I would love to stay here,” Ginobili said. “You know how the NBA is, though. There are not a lot of players who get to start and finish in the same place. I love San Antonio. If I have to take another road, you do what you have to do. But it would not be my first option, for sure.”

For the Spurs, who have played with their star guard injured for much of the past 14 months, the preferred option is to have Ginobili healthy. The news so far this offseason has been encouraging. An MRI taken Thursday showed the bone in his right leg completely healed. Ginobili expects to return to running and jumping next month, and he should be able to begin basketball work not long after that. “All the things I have not been allowed to do, I should be allowed to do soon,” he said.

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