Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kambala ever closer to returning

Kaspars Kambala(2.06-C) is ever closer to his return to professional basketball. The latvian giant had an offer from a russian close to 500.000 dollars and given the fact that he hasn't played any basketball in the last 2 years everyone is interested to find out what shape he is in.

Kambala spent the last 2 years practicing as a boxer and stepped in the ring four times where he got 3 wins and one tie. Previous russian articles said that he is training again to play basketball and now this report from latvian site says that he will be playing for a russian team.

Funny enough though his suspension from basketball(due to a drug offense) ends in December 12. Kas, as he's often called by fans, said that he's in great shape and is ready to play once again in highest level.
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