Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lietuvos and Dynamo are waiting on Macijauskas

According to israeli site Dynamo Moscow and Lietuvos Rytas are waiting around the corner to sign Arvydas Macijauskas. This is related to the impending release of Macijauskas from Olympiakos.

The lithuanian superstar who had an unsuccessful season in the NBA and the New Orlean Hornets returned from Lithuania with his leg in a cast. Apparently this happened while he was privately practicing with Neptunas, a lithuanian team. A clause in his contract states that Olympiakos can release the player if he is injured away from the team. That in turn will allow the team to release him and avoid the total compensation of 4.4 million euros for the next 2 years of his contract.

Macijauskas was signed as a messiah that would lead Olympiakos back to the top of the greek league but frequent injuries have not allowed him to reach his full potential and for the last 3 months there have been articles in Greece about Olympiakos and their wish to get rid of his contract.
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