Monday, June 1, 2009

Childress wants to stay in Greece

The end of the greek play-offs found Josh Childress on the losing side. Olympiakos didn't manage to keep the home court advantage and lost 1-3 to Panathinaikos and with tonight's game lost the title of the greek A1 league.

Josh Childress was not a happy bunny. According to, he expressed his disdain towards the way him and his teammates were treated by the referees. He said that he felt like an NBA rookie and that if he were to play another season with Olympiakos they would need to find a way to overcome such behaviour. One of the referees told one of his teammates that he would not get all the calls whistled because he is too fast..!?

He also spoke about his contract, saying that his first thought is to stay with Olympiakos for another season. He said that he will sit down with the president of the team and discuss the matter, but his initial thought is to stay in Greece and honor his contract.

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