Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meir Tapiro announces his retirement

An era has come to an end in Israel with captain Meir Tapiro announcing his retirement from the national team. At the age of 34, combo-guard Tapiro has decided to clear the floor for the
next generation and wished Israel the very best in the upcoming EuroBasket in Poland.

After making five EuroBasket appearances in a row, he won't be present for the Final Round in September. "I announce my retirement from the national team," Tapiro announced at a press conference. "Throughout my life I had to take a lot of different decisions, but this one was the most difficult. It's anything but easy for me to leave such a home. I received a lot of love and warmth when I wore the uniforms of the national team."

"To wear these uniforms and listen to the national anthem on court made me excited like a kid time after time." Tapiro was very effective in the qualification campaign but he  just believes the time has come to leave. "On the one side there's the love for the flag and the symbols of the national team, but then I realized that everything has a finish line," he said.

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