Thursday, June 4, 2009

Messina the favourite for Real Madrid

Ettore Messina is the favourite to take up the head coach position of Real Madrid according to the spanish media. Reports have started springing up that Florentino Lopez, will try to entice the italian coach into leading Real Madrid back on top of the Euroleague. from Spain says that Messina is the clear favourite, unless of course Joan Plaza manages to win the ACB title which is not the easiest thing to do.

Other spanish portals such as and say that Messina will be travelling to Madrid, in order to start conversations with the administration of the club and see if there is a common point in their negotiations. Messina will speak to president Lopez and also Jorge Valdano, the GM of Real Madrid, about coaching the team and italian coach has no agent. That means he will negotatiate all the details personally with Valdano and Lopez. Sources close to the club say that Messina is interested more in having a good plan and preparation of the team rather than his salary. Representatives from Barcelona also travelled to Moscow to try and convice him but he dismissed their offer.

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