Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Messina explains his decision

Ettore Messina explains how will he make his decision, when it comes to the next step in his career. It is taken from his blog on

My personal decision won’t be easy for many reasons. It’s a mixture of  feelings. First of all, after four years here, during this season, I felt many times that maybe the team needs a different voice to push them, to help them, to lead them. Maybe the team needs some fresh energy that maybe I won’t be able to provide.

The second thing is that, even though my family and myself had very good time in Moscow, it’s not so easy to stay far away from home for a long time. We have to consider this, even if I don’t want it to be the prominent factor.

Third, I was happy when I came to CSKA because I knew I had a chance to compete for the Euroleague title. I left Italy, together with my family,  for the first time in our life, because my wife agreed that it was a good thing for me to pursue this dream to try to win Euroleague again. Obviously, I need to know the goals of the club for the next season to make an informed decision.

This is how I feel and I’m trying to be straight and honest with you, as I always did. It’s not one factor that would be decisive, but a combination of the three things. I also have discussed this with Andrei Vatutin. 

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