Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Michael Bramos is going to Spain

The American-Greek shooter is leaving Greece behind.

Michael Bramos (1.96-SG/SF) signed a one season contract last summer with Peristeri and with a salary of less than 80,000 euros. His advantage as a player in Greece is his Greek heritage and effectively his Greek passport. With that Bramos, occupied the position of a local player in Greece and he did a pretty decent job, doing everything on the court for his team.

He scored behind the arc with 45.7%(37/81), he passed the ball, he played with defense using his impressive wingspan and now he's about to cash in with a contract in Spain. According to, 2 offers came from Spain and Bramos is going to accept one of them and leave the scorched land of Greece behind. Bramos has not received his full salary yet from Peristeri and knowing the situation in Greece he will try to make a name for himself now in Spain. He graduated in 2009 from Miami University and tried his luck in the Portsmouth Invitation Tournament and that got him his first pro contract in Europe. He averaged 8.9 points 2.2 rebounds and 1.2 assists in 26 games in Greece in the A1 league.

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