Sunday, June 27, 2010

McIntyre closer to Panathinaikos

In Panathinaikos they're trying to win this battle.

According to, Terrell McIntyre(1.78-PG) might end up playing for Panathinaikos after all. The Greek portal that is affiliated to Panathinaikos mentions that coach Obradovic spoke to McIntyre directly and explained to him that he wants him in Panathinaikos. The article says that McIntyre himself wanted to play for Panathinaikos. So in turn Panathinaikos made an offer to McIntyre as well and it looks like they might win this battle.

McIntyre's agent, Craig Spitzer hasn't left Greece yet and it seems that he is going to stay in Athens until the transfer is completed. By the looks of things it might even be concluded this weekend.

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