Monday, June 14, 2010

Spanoulis and others staying, Pekovic waiting..

Time for contract renewals in Panathinaikos.

According to, it won't be long until Vassilis Spanoulis puts down his signature on a new 2-season contract. The Greek star was rumored to have offers from all over the place but it seems that he actually didn't.
Olympiakos made it clear that they will only make an offer if the player falls out with Panathinaikos.

That put Spanoulis' agent in a precarious positions as he went into the negotiations without a counter-offer. As the administration of Panathinaikos had already secured a deal with Dimitris Diamantidis for 1.7 million euros per season they set the standards for the negotiations and Spanoulis did have as his first choice to stay in Greece and Panathinaikos. It seems that Real Madrid didn't actually make an offer either. That means that all is left is for Spanoulis to sign his new contract and then that will be announced by Panathinaikos officially this time.

As for Nikola Pekovic.. the plot thickens. The newest rumors speak of a possible trade to Houston or Indiana for Pekovic and he can't really discuss anything offically before the 1st of July when it comes to NBA teams.

The article also says that Mike Batiste and Drew Nicholas will be renewing their contracts as well.

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