Sunday, June 27, 2010

Malaga stepped in for McIntyre

There is a 3rd team now that will try to sign him.

3 teams and 3 offers for McIntyre according to The first offer came from Olympiakos and it was for 2.4 million euros for a 2 season contract with the Greek team. The offer was submitted, as per usual, by the vice-president of Olympiakos BC, Giorgos Skindilias, but Olympiakos doesn't have a head coach yet so that could be a disadvantage for them.

The 2nd offer came from Panathinaikos and it was for the same type of contract as Olympiakos. Only in this case, one of Zelimir Obradovic's assistants called McIntyre and explained to him what role he would have in the team among other things. McIntyre's decision was to sign with Panathinaikos at the time.

But then came another offer. This time it was from Malaga only this offer was bigger than the other 2. Malaga seems to offer 2.6 million euros for a 2 season contract and they also demanded an answer by tomorrow. That means if the Greek teams don't come back with a better offer then McIntyre will probably go for Malaga's offer.

But ultimately it's Siena who has the final casting vote.. if Siena match the offer from Malaga they get to keep the player. The Greek portal contacted the president of Siena, Ferdinando Minucci, who said that he can't comment on anything at the moment. He said that he'll make his decision if McIntyre comes back with an offer but he would like to keep him in Siena.

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