Monday, June 14, 2010

Maroussi in trouble, merger ahead..

Maroussi was the dark horse of the Euroleague this season, but who knows what happens next season..

According to, a team from Crete, O.F.I., are currently in negotiations with Maroussi in order to perform a merger. If these 2 clubs merge than the Cretan team can automatically play in the A1 league in Greece and also in the qualifying rounds of the Euroleague. The team of O.F.I. are currently playing in the 3rd league(B) in Greece.

This is the result of the lack of money in Maroussi. The players stuck together throughout this season waiting patiently for their money and they will be getting it in 48 months instalments.. if all goes well. Most of them will be playing for other clubs next season. Mavroeidis is already on his way to Bilbao, whereas Pelekanos returned from his on-loan season to Olympiakos where he actually belongs. Other players will follow suit soon.

According to the article, the team from Crete are quite eager to participate in the Euroleague and it's their target to make the merger happen. More on this to follow in the next few days.

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