Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ivkovic and Olympiakos disagree on salary

Is Ivkovic going for the mega bucks?

According to, there is massive difference of 800,000 euros between that Dusan Ivkovic is asking and what the Aggelopoulos brothers are willing to pay him. The article says that Ivkovic wants 1.8 million euros per season for his salary but the owners of Olympiakos are willing to offer 1 million euros but with the prospect of another million euros in bonuses. That means they are willing to pay him that much money provided that the team conquers all 3 titles. Greek league, Greek cup and the Euroleague.

Ivkovic went back to Serbia to discuss with the Serbian Federation his imminent deal with Olympiakos and at the moment there are no more news as to when is Ivkovic returning to Athens for more discussions.

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