Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jaric wants to play for Olympiakos

Maybe this time he will.. who knows..

Marko Jaric spoke to and in the interview he mentioned his wish to play for Olympiakos. Jaric has a Greek passport, a valuable commodity when it comes to playing in Greece and he said that Olympiakos is the team that would interest him very much. Jaric did make similar statements before, when he wanted to play for the Serbian NT but that didn't happen. This time he expresses his wish to potentially play for Dusan Ivkovic one more time.

Funny enough, Jaric was offered to Olympiakos last season as well but Scoonie Penn was signed instead. Perhaps this time it will be different, although there is already a tall point-guard in the team, Theodoros Papaloukas so one might think where does Jaric fit in the picture. Another issue has to do with his high salary. Given the excruciating new tax laws in Greece, Jaric's contract, if it were close to a million euros would incur a 80% tax on it.

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