Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spanoulis torn between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos

Spanoulis has yet to give an answer but the offers are there. The best offer will win..

According to, Vassilis Spanoulis has an offer from Panathinaikos and an offer from Olympiakos. Panathinaikos recently signed Dimitris Diamantidis for 3 more seasons and 2 million euros per season. The offer for Spanoulis though, wasn't as generous.

The article says that the administration of Panathinaikos initially made an offer to Spanoulis of 1.8 million euros per season for a 3 season contract. The total would have been 5.4 million euros for 3 seasons. The agent of Spanoulis, Misko Raznatovic then managed to increase the offer to 1.95 million euros per season after Olympiakos made an offer of 6 million euros for 3 seasons via their vice president.

After that Olympiakos made an even bigger offer of 2.3 million euros per season for 3 seasons and Panathinaikos said that this is their highest and also their final offer. Spanoulis is still in Mykonos on vacation and he hasn't replied yet to either of the offers. Both offers have advantages and disadvantages and Spanoulis could be biding his time until Olympiakos announce their new head coach. Things might change this weekend and Spanoulis might make his final decision.

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