Thursday, June 24, 2010

Josh Childress to sign with the Wizards

Josh Childress is returning to the NBA.

Josh Childress is going to sign his new contract with the Washington Wizards according to He has been negotiatiing with the Wizards the last few days and the contract will soon be signed. There should be an official anouncement by both Olympiakos and the Wizards to cover this. The main point of negotiation is whether the contract will be for 4 or 5 seasons.

The tragic conclusion of the Greek League finals might have been a bit too much for Chidlress, who is not used to such spectacles. Childress will be leaving Greece and Europe after 2 seasons and also leaving a 5.2 million euros contract behind. Effectively this move loosens up a bit the finances of Olympiakos and also it frees one foreign player spot. Childress averaged 15.2 points 4.8 revounds and 1.9 assists in 20 games in the Euroleague and also 15.8 points 5.4 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 31 games in the Greek A1 league.

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ahsan said...

I would like to see the Wizards sign Rodney Carney. Just picture this:

John Wall
Gilbert Arenas
Rodney Carney

That is surely one Hell of a back court team!!
That's ONE major PROBLEM and a THREAT to other teams as well!!

Anyone agree?

The Hoop said...

Childress might have offers from other NBA teams after all and in Olympiakos they have enough money to cover the difference between the contract he would have in Greece and the money he will get in the NBA.

So if the difference comes to something in the order of 1 million dollars then Olympiakos would gladly cover the difference to get rid of the contract.